Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Challenge "Dahlia fold"

Hello everyone, If you have not already you really should check out Split Coast Stampers website, and sign up for their weekly Inklings. Every Wednesday you will receive an email with a complete "how to" a new technique or idea. Last week was the Dahlia Fold. I honestly had not had time to really look at it but I never delete one of these emails. A friend of mine who sells Stampin Up! showed me some of the cards she had made from this idea and she gave them to her other consultants as a challange. We I loved the look of her cards so much that I took on the challange as well. I also told my sister Chris about it and she is giving it a try. YOU SHOULD TO!! The first one you make will seem like it takes a bit of time but trust me you will fly through the rest. Here are the few I made today. Hope you enjoy. All stamps used are various Stampin Up! stamps and wheels. Paper is miscellaneous and the brads and other embellishments are from the dollar store.

Have fun!!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Craft space....

OK so if you have ever been to my house you would know I am a pack rat. Now I have come by this honestly, as it has been past down from my Mother. I am getting better. I have down sized my dinning room and living room and am very aware of the benifits of organizing now. My office/craft room has been a different story. This is a space that has 2 computer desks in it (my husband and I share) my husbands bass amp and my craft stuff. I has become and over whelming MESS over the past year. Oh did I mention it also has a 10 gallon fish tank and 33 gallon fish tank both with stands as well as my husband has a collection of old computers. 4 with monitors the last time I counted.

Well I had finally had enough. In a mess like that I couldn't be creative any more. I couldnt even walk around anything. This room isnt that big. Its average.

So today was a snow day, couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to. So enough is enough... my husband and I went to work... 8 hours later ....I am happy and dieing to get creative again.

For those of you have been to my home before I am posting some pictures, cause those of you who know me wont believe your eyes!!!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Ok so its been over a year...

So I created this over a year ago to share cards and layouts I have made with my sisters. As you can see it was really Well over the last year I have been creating like crazy and well shopping like crazy too.

I have made a lot of new friend that enjoy card making as much as I do, most are very new at it so I have decided to get back into updating my blog and posting new pics of cards and Layouts.

I will try to update no less than once a month and rant when ever I can.